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Pelvic Flow is born from the passion for giving answers and better quality of life to people who suffer some pelvic floor affectation, independently of their age, gender or condition.

Both the pelvic bone and the muscular, fascial, ligament and visceral system of this region are flexible, it is a system in which movement flows and that is why at Pelvic Flor we try to make everything flow again in the most natural way.

Tania Ramos feels the need to know more about pelvic floor affectations since in 2013 she began to feel pelvic pain with regularity.

After several visits to different medical specialists and without finding a satisfactory answer, Tania starts a journey to knowledge in which she tries to understand the different factors that are causing pain, discomfort and inability to carry out the activities of daily life.

In that search, in 2016 she started the Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy in the Comprehensive Pelvic Floor Approach, a unique training course at the European University of Madrid. Tania conducted a comprehensive study in 2017 in women with endometriosis, which has updated the physiotherapeutic treatments that can be performed to alleviate the pain of this common, and yet not well-studied pathology.
In this master’s degree, she receives the necessary education to comprehensively address the problems of the pelvic floor and realizes the great knowledge gap that exists on part of other health professionals as well as the people who suffer from a problem in this area.

From physiotherapy, we have many techniques and resources to treat pain, incontinence, muscle tone disorders, some of them are myofascial therapy, perineal massage, electrotherapy, work on postural hygiene, etc.

Pelvic flow is born as a safe space, where everyone is welcome and where we will talk about without taboos on pelvic floor problems.
At Pelvic Flow, we want to give you all the information you need to empower you and be able to face this stage of your life in a positive way.

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