New Born Parents!

This is a course for you that have a lot of questions not about the hospital but about your body, your partner’s body, and your future baby.
I wanna introduce you to the wonderful world of Pelvic floor, I wanna empower you to know how to use your muscles to have better delivery and more confidence on your due day.
I want your partner/friend/whoever is gonna be to your side to understand their function and how important is their support.
Pelvic Flow would love to teach you also how to prevent baby colic and how to use baby carriers (wrap carriers, slings carriers or soft structure carries), helping you to choose the best one for your lifestyle.

1st Session: Understanding my pelvic floor muscles and the dynamic of the delivery.
2nd Session: Preventing perineal trauma, EPI-NO and perineal massage.
3rd Session: Dilation postures, and pain release with the support of your partner.
4th Session: Understanding the newborn family, how to prevent Baby colic.
5th Session: Baby massage.
6th Session: Realising my hands, Ergonomic baby carriage that fits your lifestyle.

This is a full course, you can choose to do the 6 sessions or just some of them paying for the ones you are more interested in.
The sessions can be done by a pregnant person plus partners/family /friend.

Every session will have some theory and some practice, sessions one to one and also in groups are available.
Sessions will be around 90 minutes.

Cost 6 Sessions one to one: 3600 Dkk per couple.
Cost 6 Sessions in a group, minimum of 3 couples 2.600 Dkk per couple.
Cost of a single session of 750 Dkk per couple.

You can make your own group with your friends/colleagues/mother group and we will agree on the best schedule for you.

Write me an email if you would like to have more info about the sessions or you wanna book it.

Sessions will be taught in English or Spanish.

We strongly recommend starting with this course from week 30.

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