Before week 30

Before week 35 our treatment sessions, it usually consists of:

  • An assessment of your posture, breathing patterns, and pelvic floor conditions. And after that, designing a pattern of specific exercises according to the results of your assessment.
  • Treatment of discomforts derived from pregnancy, such as back or dorsal pain, cramps, pelvic pain, etc. As mentioned, if you develop any pain or discomfort early on in your pregnancy, it is not necessary to wait until the last trimester, but we recommend starting treatment as soon as the symptoms begin, or even before as a preventative measure, if you know that you have some predisposition to this type of disorder.

If there are no problems, or problems are resolved quickly, we quote again in the 33, 35 and 37 (or 38) for the final work, which is the most interesting (and funny!).

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