If you are here, you are probably pregnant, so first, congratulations!

This is a very important period in your life and is crucial to have good postural hygiene and to be aware of what is happening to the body and the pelvic floor during this 38-40 weeks of pregnancy, as well as during the delivery. We will provide as much information as required, as we want you to feel as strong and confident as possible during this special time of your life.

  • What do the sessions consist of?
    It is highly recommended to have an evaluation session during week 30 so that by the time you arrive at week 35, you will have the best posture and range of movement and you will be aware of how is your pelvic floor.
    Our visits are one hour long, completely customized to you and your needs, and if desired, your partner is very welcome to accompany you. If you start to feel any discomfort such as lumbalgia, sciatica or perineal pain, you may want to start sessions as early as the second trimester.
  • What are we going to work in the sessions?
    Every woman has her own physical and emotional needs, which is why sessions are adapted to everyone’s needs. With the first session, you will be shown a summary of everything that can be done, so you know what is possible, but I will propose a customized treatment plan and we’ll agree on your sessions together.


Before week 30

From week 30

Evaluation session.

Perineal massage

Protocol of exercises.


Treatment of discomfort:

* Lumbago, sciatica

* Perineal pain

* Coxigodynia , pubalgia…

Pushing and breaths


Class for parents


Tips and postpartum protocol

Loss of abdominal tone


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