Perinneal massage + EPI-NO

Here we introduce you to the perfect couple when we talk about preventing perineal trauma during delivery.

We can show you and your partner how to perform the perineal massage and how to use the EPI-NO but if you don’t feel comfortable doing it a home we also have special 30 min sessions where we can work on it together.

  • What is a perineal massage?
    Perineal massage is exactly what it sounds like: massaging the perineum. Perineal massage is done to stretch and increase flexibility in the perineum in preparation for birth, in hopes of keeping the area intact—or at least minimizing perineal trauma during delivery.
  • EPI-NO is not a “panacea” but a medical training device that is suited to better prepare your body for childbirth. It strengthens and stretches the muscles. By training with EPI-NO, the tissue is not stretched permanently (no need to worry about it being worn out’), but adding more flexibility and elasticity short term to better support the birth.
    A simple example: If you have 2-3 weeks training – slowly increasing – for a balancing act, then you do it through constant practice easier without injury or strain than if you try to do it unprepared. Uninjured tissue however recovers and regenerates much easier. If you stop then to train the splits, you will find that after a while it will become difficult again. EPI-NO does not replace the work of midwives or physiotherapist, this is usually recommended to do alongside your normal sessions, as an useful addition to support your birth preparation.
  • What are the benefits with the perineal massage+EPINO ?
    * It reduces the risk of perineal trauma.
    * Helps to prevent episiotomies for first-time mothers.
    * Easing pain during crowning.

It’s said that perineal massage can ease the “ring of fire” pain so often experienced while the baby’s head is crowning.

The idea is that gently stretching the perineum regularly will allow it to flex more easily when the baby is crowning, causing less pain. Helping the baby’s head come out easier and faster.
It may also mentally prepare you for the feeling of pressure and stretching, and help you become more comfortable with it. If you know what to expect, you may be less tense and more able to stretch.

The cost of the device EPI-NO is 1.200dkk the price is not included in the price of the session, you can buy it at the clinic or by yourself at another shop.

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