In this area, you will discover that you do not need to have a pathology to check your pelvic floor.

We all have a pelvic floor to take care of and keep healthy.

It is very advisable to check your pelvic floor if you feel some discomfort but also if you practice impact sports because this type of sports often punish the pelvic floor and it is good to have strategies of safety to protect it.
If you feel heaviness in the area or if you suffer from discomfort in the hips or the lower back that have not remitted with other physiotherapy treatments.

If you are a healthy person who wants to know your pelvic floor and the physical conditions of it, book an appointment and we will evaluate the state of it.
I will teach you how to prevent future pathologies and in case we find something out of the expected we will begin the treatment in situ.

The most successful treatment is prevention!

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