Terms & Conditions

When we book a room in a hotel and at the last moment we decide not to sleep there, do we have to pay for it?

When we buy a plane ticket and, finally, we don’t take the flight, do they charge it?

And when we have tickets to the cinema or the theater and decide not to go, do they return the purchase amount?

The reality is that if we book any of these services and, at the last minute, we decide not to enjoy them, we will be charged.

However, the same does not happen when, at the last moment, a patient decides not to go to the appointment with their physiotherapist. Something difficult to understand since, when someone confirms a consultation, they are not only reserving our hands but also our time and our availability for other patients.

Given this situation, In Pelvic Flow we have decided to implement the following cancellation policy:

All our patients understand and accept the conditions set forth below, from the moment they are confirmed their appointment with date and time by any of the following ways:

– This web page
– Facebook
– e-mail, text message.
– orally: by phone or in the same consultation when agreeing on the next session.

The changes of appointment or cancellations notified more than 24 hours in advance, will have no harm to our customers, although we would appreciate it being done as soon as possible so that we can leave that time available for other patients.

Cancellations that are not notified in less than 24 hours before the appointment by any of the aforementioned means they must be fully paid. We will provide an account number to make a bank transfer.

In the case of the vouchers already paid, the session will be given as lost and we will indicate to the client the following proposal: as the number of sessions of the voucher, they are the minimum essential for the treatment to develop properly and we do not want to disturb the final result of the treatment, we will advise you to recover it by attending and paying a separate session.

Only these conditions will not apply if there is any cause of force majeure, accident or serious or urgent illness that does not allow us to notify those 24 hours in advance that we request, as long as they are justified from official institutions. It’s not a valid reason to cancel at the last minute, for example, not finding the location of the consultation, sudden or unexpected changes in work or personal matters, as well as not remembering the appointment.

We work to give you the best possible care. We are serious and respectful to our clients and we want to be treated in the same way. Thank you so much for your effort.


Treatment packages will not be refunded if you’ve used one or more treatments from the package.
Should you no longer need the treatments in the package you purchased, you can use it for other treatments of the same length.

Treatment packages/ gift cards bought in 2020 will expire in 2023.
Treatment packages/gift cards bought from 01/01/2021 will expire 12 months after purchase.

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