From week 30

From week 35 onwards:

Perineal massage and work with the Epi-No probe. With the manual work of musculature, ligaments, and soft tissues involved in your pregnancy, we will teach your partner gentle mobilization and stretching that will be very useful for the moment of dilation.

Practice pushing and breathing techniques. We will do a simulation of childbirth in conditions of extreme tranquillity and respect, where you can check for yourself what positions are the most natural and comfortable, as well as how you breathe better … So that you decide freely the position you want to deliver in, the breathing and how to push when the time comes!

We can discuss postpartum: Since we will not see each other during the quarantine period after giving birth, I will propose exercises and advice for this stage where rest and self-care should be a priority.

This is just a short description of what we can offer, but the most important thing for us is that: Every woman who knows how to connect with and listen to her body knows what she has to do. We are only here to guide you and to help you become more aware of your body.

When you put fears aside and trust yourself, the answers appear!

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